Hair follicle: A skin organ in a mammal that produces hair

Hormone: A signalling molecule secreted into the blood stream which carries it to a distant target cell

Hydrophilic: Water-loving; easily dissolves in water

Hydrophobic: Water-fearing; won’t dissolve in water

Lipophilic: Lipid/fat-loving; won’t dissolve in water

Melanin: Pigment found in skin, hair and eyes

Micelle: A highly-organized spherical form of surfactant molecules found in a liquid

Oestrogen: A female steroid sex hormone secreted by the ovary; is responsible for female sexual development.

Paraben: A class of compounds commonly used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries

Proinflammatory mediators: Initiators of inflammation.

Sebaceous gland: A small gland in the skin which secretes sebum into the hair follicles

Sebum: Naturally produced oil from the sebaceous gland

Statistical significance: A result which is sufficiently unlikely to have occurred by chance; levels of significance can vary.

Strain: A subset of organisms within a given species which are slightly different from similar groups in said species.

Surfactant: A substance that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid which it is dissolved in.


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