The Superficial Sciences is my attempt to marry two of my favourite things: science and beauty. As a biology undergraduate, I’m very much interested in the workings of the ingredients found in my ever-growing stash of lotions and potions: How do they work? Do they actually work? Are they safe, or should I be worried? Here, we’ll look just a little bit closer at the latest fads the beauty industry has to offer, as well as seeing what our own flora and fauna are bringing to the table. We’ll also look at our own superficial science: what part of our biology makes us look the way we do and what influence can this have?  This blog will offer what I hope is a relatable, light (albeit slightly shallow) look at the science which won’t often feature in your standard chemistry textbook or reach the front page of a newspaper.

[Fonts used courtesy of http://www.bibliopolae.fr and Vanessa Bays @ http://bythebutterfly.com]


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