Natural pigments? Think ink.

Meet Sepia officinalis, the cuttlefish, who may well be making a surprisingly hefty contribution to your makeup bag in the near future, according to this paper from Coloration Technology. But what could possibly connect these true molluscs (not fish, despite the name) that, let’s face it, are certainly more Davy Jones than Grace Jones, with the ever-glamorous […]

The blue-eyed bandits?

“Oh Grandmother, what big eyes you have!” squealed Little Red Riding Hood just seconds before she was gobbled up by the Big Bad Wolf. It’s such a shame The Brothers Grimm never thought to mention what colour they were, as a recent study by Karel Kleisner found that untrustworthy people might be given away…by the colour of […]

Micellar Water: How does it work?

The hype of micellar waters seems to have trickled down from its prime position in a make-up artist’s kit and backstage at Fashion Week to us folk in the real world. In a big way. In fact, calling them the next big thing may be somewhat overdue: these microscopic micellar make-up removers are already the big thing, […]

Could bacteria banish your blemishes?

As if our teenage years weren’t painful enough already, acne was a not-so-welcome addition to the party for about 80% of us over this period. Magazines and school friends provided a continual source of tips and tricks to get rid of those pesky pimples: whether it’s drinking more water or using a blemish-busting face cream, there seems to […]

Should I be worried about…parabens?

Ah, parabens.  These molecules have developed into such a skincare rogue that a countless number of products now boast “paraben-free” as a chief part of their marketing arsenal. Yet another victim of media hype, parabens have yet to shift their scarlet letter. But what are parabens, why are they thought to be dangerous, and most importantly, why […]